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Cute CatIt all began in 1988 after a fruitless search for high quality and attractive cat furniture that our four finicky cats would use. As our home filled up with rejected, unattractive, impractical, and poorly made scratchers, it dawned on us that if we wanted something made right, we would have to make it ourselves. Thus was born the window perch and the cat scratch triangle. As friends started asking us to make scratching posts for their cats we realized that we weren't alone in our frustration – and so began C & D Pet Products, LLC.

Be assured that every piece made today still meets our high standards and all new product ideas have to pass vigorous tests and win approval by our panel of supervisors – Copperfield, Pashmina, Sterling and Monty as well as our new associates, Poppy and Blackberry – before they can be marketed, including "Pet Classic Ramps".

We hope that your pets enjoy and appreciate the furniture as much as ours do. Thank you for bringing C & D Pet Products, LLC into your home.

General Information:

  • All products are made of solid wood and plywood - no particle board or cardboard
  • We use the highest quality carpets and sisal rope.
  • The undersides of all shelves and platforms are carpeted.
  • Carpet colors are: Speckled Sand, Natural, Tan, Green and Grey.
  • Custom colors available upon request. Additional charge is based on the cost of the carpet.
  • Custom pieces are also available upon request.

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