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Linda L. has this to say: My cats love this tree. I’ve been very pleased with the quality of craftsmanship. I’ve had this tree for 3 years and it’s still in great shape. I loved this tree, so I ordered two more smaller trees about a year ago, but my cats still prefer the taller tree, so I ordered my 4th tree - the Pacific Super Sleeper. Will write a review later once my cats use it. Thanks Scott!

From Julie: My cats have been using this perch constantly for a couple of years. It lets them jump up to the bathroom window that has a cat door in it that accesses their catio. So it is in-and-out for two cats...20 lbs each...all day long. unfortunately, the other day they BOTH got up on it at the same time (40 lbs !!!) and I heard a loud crack..and it hasn't been the same since. They split the wood in the support..and the long screw has been bent to almost a right angle. Looks like we need another one...

I'm ordering my second scratch triangle for our two older cats. They used the first one to scratch and to play on and wore it out. We replaced it with one from on-line and our cats did not use it. I'm looking forward to years of use from our new one from C&D.

I was having problems with one of my cats going after my area carpets. I realized that she only scratched on the base of the scratching post not the post itself, so I put one of these near the carpet and sprayed it with catnip. It worked instantly. These scratchers are narrow and flat enough that they aren't a tripping hazard for people. From Alison F

From Bobbie Gardner: I just purchased the large sleeper cube for a newly-adopted senior cat from the local shelter. Her first day home was traumatic, having just had spay surgery and waking up in new surroundings. I placed this cube in front of a sunny window in a quiet bedroom for her. She took to the the lower level right away. It gave her a quiet, comfortable place that she could easily access following surgery and feel safe. Now that she is feeling better, she enjoys climbing to the upper level to sit in the sun and view from the window the goings on in the nearby woods. This cube is solid, sturdy, and well-made. I've also purchased steps from C&D many years ago, and they are also of excellent quality and have served many dogs and cats for many years.

D Alex had this to say after her second Enclosure order: I took the original -13yr old enclosure- down the other day.   Still in great shape after all this time- will add it on to the new build as an additional 'condo suite'- they'll love it!

The cat tree arrived today in excellent condition with the careful packaging.It is just what we were looking for, and is perfect for our cat, who is already making it his favorite spot.  I appreciate the solid quality and attention in your products.  Nice job!

--Robert M

The kit was easy to put together in under an hour. I hate reading instructions, but it was really easy to put together after laying out on the lawn. The location of the pre-drilled holes helped me confirm all parts were in the right order and putting the roof on squared everything off nicely. Thanks so much!

--Peter T

Just picked up the stairs, please send a big thank you to the wood shop, they are amazing and thank YOU for all your help.

--Diane W

I just wanted to say how much my cats enjoy their Enclosure.

Thanks so much!

—Maria E

I love our run, (Enclosure), from CD Pet Supplies. Fast Delivery and every part arrived in great shape. My daughters were able to put it together in 3 hours. Its just what I wanted.

   Margaret C.

Thank you again for your wonderful stairs.

I have a one step, two step, three step and 2 four step... all for my spoiled chihuahua. Not only can he climb up to any bed in the house, he can also see the neighbors thru the windows too!

—Muriel D

So happy with our Enclosure - and so are our cats!!  



Thank you for such long lasting and good quality products.

—Angela H

3 cubes stacked makes a great play tower!  Our kitties love it!

-Creme de la Creme Animal Rescue. 


I want to thank you for your excellent service.

My dogs love being able to get on my bed without being lifted up. They very quickly learned the reason for the stairs and now it is not unusual to find one sleeping on my pillow during the day!

—Dorie K

We just received our Triangle and Large window Perch and wanted to thank you for the great customer service.

The items arrived quickly and are high quality.

—Bob M

"I think I have an addiction now!" (our enclosures are easy to add on to.)

-Joy M.

I recently ordered and received three sets of your double pet steps for my 20 year old cat and just wanted to write and tell you what a truly wonderful product this is!

The steps are solidly constructed and beautifully carpeted and look very attractive in my home as well as providing a much needed boost for my elderly cat!

Many thanks!

—Kathleen D

I just wanted to let you know that we did assemble the cat enclosure today, with a minimum of confusion. It is just the right size and I’m really happy with it.

Thank you for the speedy delivery and clear instructions.

—Beth D

Very happy with how easy it [the enclosure] was to put together and how solid it is.

-Michael E., Berkeley

Thank you for the prompt service on the four step Pet Steps. It is already seeing “heavy” use. It sits in front of a window where they can all loll around and look out the window.

—Dory T

I can’t believe I'm writing a thank you note to a Pet Store, but I am so pleased with the Double Pet Step you shipped to me last week!

Our little Dachshund took to it right away and since she sleeps on our bed, I was having to get up and give her a boost. Now we have solved the problem.

(When you're over 80, you don't really want to climb out of bed whenever the "spirit" moves your dog!)

—Helen W

I received my cat enclosure and I have it assembles and the cats are using it. It was packaged really well and it arrived in good condition.

Thank you so very much.

—Gary Z

Wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with this product, (Cat Enclosure Kit)!! Amazing!  glad I found it.

    Sara C

Keeps the cats in - and the turkeys out!

-Sonia P., California

The steps arrived today. It's just perfect and my elderly cat can get around much better now.

It looks really nice with my decor.

Thanks again!!

—Dorothy S

I wanted to thank you very much for the magnificent cat steps which arrived today!

They are so well made that I have no hesitation about putting them at the foot of our bed for the kitties, as the finishing touches are immaculate.

In addition, you have obviously taken the time to design them for animals' convenience.

—Pamela W

We ordered the Triple step and it arrived last week, it's great!

The 19 year old cat was the reason we ordered it, but all 3 of them use it to climb up on our bed. It's great for their "elderly bones" to gently walk down off the tall bed rather than jumping.

—Beth S

I just wanted to let you know how much we, (and the kitties), LOVE your cat enclosure!

Thanks again for the fine products.

—Amy W

Just wanted to let you know how much my cats and I enjoy and appreciate their enclosure. They like being able to go out and I like the fact they are safe and I don’t have to worry about them bothering the neighbors.

I was also impressed how easy it was to assemble. The pieces are very clearly labeled and the instructions were the easiest to follow I have ever read.

Thank you and keep making such a wonderful product.

—Paula C

Two years ago we bought one of your outdoor cat enclosures for our two cats, and I just thought you'd like to know how pleased we (and they!) have been with it. First, it was, as promised, very easy to assemble, even for all thumbs type people like us. Second, it's held up wonderfully through two very nasty, snowy norther winters so far and looks to keep going for a number of years yet.  Third, our cats obviously lover it, "fwapping" in and out through their pet door to sun themselves in it or watch the birds or spend the long summer evenings enjoying moonrise.

-Gloria J

Just a note to thank you for a great enclosure for my cat. It went together easily and fit perfect (purrrfect! Ha!) What a nice addition all around!