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Large Kitty Sleeper Cube

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Large Kitty Sleeper Cube

Size: 16 1/2" x 16 1/2" x 29" tall

Your kitties will have lots of fun playing in and out of the many openings on this cube before taking a "catnap" on the sleeper tray on top. The sturdy design features a low center of gravity to prevent tipping.  The sleep tray is 13 1/2 " inside x 16 1/2" outside.  Contains 2 "partial' shelves inside, (allowing your cats to come in one opening and go out another).  Shelves, bottom and most of the walls inside are carpeted with inside dimensions of 13 1/2" square.  Your cats will love this piece, starting as kittens until there adults, young and old alike!

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