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Mini Sisal Tree

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Mini Sisal Tree  

The tree shown on the right. Not enough room for a full size "tree" but need a place your cats can call their own? The Mini Sisal Tree solves the problem! All the features of the large trees - just scaled down.

This piece is great for small to medium cats. The shelves are only 17" apart which makes a great item for older cats and younger kittens. Just like our Mini Cat Tree, but with the addition of one rope post.

Size: 20" x 20" x 36" tall
12-1/2" square shelves.

Ellie L says:  Our cat tree arrived this morning. Our cat Teddy's sitting on it just inside the front door where we plopped it while we get the window space ready. He used to have another of your cat trees just like this one, and already seems quite comfortable and content with it. Looking forward to shaing in his enjoyment of his new cat tree.

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