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Big Double Pet Step

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The same great quality as our regular steps are available with larger treads and higher risers for those Big Dogs!  Like all of our products, these steps are made from plywood, high quality carpet and expert workmanship.  The Big Dog sizes are great for large Labradors, big Golden Retrievers, Newfoundlands, Great Danes and more! 

What size do you need?  Measure from the top of your bed, couch... that you  would like your pet to use, to the floor, then subtract about 8". Which ever size is closest is the one for you.  For example; your bed is 24" tall. Subtract 8" and you have a height of 16". The Big Double Pet Step is the correct size for your pet.

Dimensions: 28 in. deep x 18 in. tall x 18 in. wide; lower tread: 14 1/2 in. deep; top tread: 16 in. deep; risers are 8 1/2 in.

C Scott writes:  I can't help myself. I had to write you and tell you how thrilled I am with your steps... again!

From Helen W.  I can't believe I'm writing a thank you note to a Pet Store, but I am so pleased with the Pet Step you shipped to me last week. Such a nice young man took my call. Our little dachshund took to it right away and since she sleeps in our bed, I was always having to get up and give her a boost. Now we have solved the problem. Thank you so much for the prompt attention to my order!

M Micaela says:  I have ordered from you before and still have and use the stairs I bought in 2006. My basset hounds loves them! They are stable and easy for them to use. Thank you so much for your quality products !

Susan H writes:  Got the Large Two Step. It took my dog 2 nights, but on the 3rd night she just got it! ... Many thanks! It works perfectly.


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