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Cat Scratch Triangle

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One side is carpet; the other side is sisal rope. Sturdy carpeted base for support.  Great for the smallest to the largest cats. The unique design mimics the natural angel of the base of trees; a favorite cat scratching spot!

All our products are made of solid wood and plywood - no particle board or cardboard is ever used. We use the highest quality carpets and sisal rope; and the undersides of all shelves and platforms are carpeted.

Kittens love to run up and down these. They chase toys up and down the ramps. Then they use it as a scratching post when they are grown up. It's a great way to train them to use a scratching post. From Alison Fleming 

Jan C says:   I purchased one yesterday.  Once this one wears out, I'll be in touch for another one.  Great product, our cat just loves it!

From Tracy R: My cat Chance LOVE, LOVE, Loves his cat scratch triangle!!!! He likes to lounge on the base if it under the triangle.  Thanks!

From M Williams:  Our three Main Coon Cats have really been enjoying their new scratcher and the carpet is definitely a vast improvement over most cat furniture available.

Size: Base: 9.5 in. x 24.5 in. Triangle: 4.5 in. wide x 16 in. high

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