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Padded Window Perch

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Features 1-inch thick foam for extra comfort. Attractive carpeted supports adjust to fit snuggly to most windows without tools.  The ultimate item to have to spoil your cats!  They can look outside and sleep on the same great piece without taking up any floor space!

Choose from two sizes:

Size: Two supports - 12.5 in. x 24.5 in.

Size: Two supports - 12.5 in x 36 in.

Bob M would like to say:  We just received our order and wanted to thank you for the great customer service.  The items arrived quickly and are high quality.

From Brenda S:  I just want you to know that the window perch was worth the wait.  It fits my window perfectly and can be used with the window open or closed. It's easy to take off if I have to close the window during a storm.  It's well made- better than anything I've seen in pet stores.  Smudge loves it- she even sleeps there.  Thanks for a good product.

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