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Quadruple Pet Step

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Our Quadruple Pet Step provide all the benefits of our Single Pet Step, while providing access to higher areas. Holds up to 300 lbs! This step is perfect for most dogs, (and cats!) to reach those tall beds and windows. Also great to help your pup get into and out of an SUV.  Perfect for the little guys such as Maltese, small and larger Terriers, Boxers and so much more! 

What size do you need?  Measure from the top of your bed, couch... that you  would like your pet to use, to the floor, then subtract about 6". Which ever size is closest is the one for you.  For example; your bed is 30" tall. Subtract 6" and you have a height of 24". The Quadruple Pet Step is the correct size for your pet.

All our products are made of solid wood and plywood - no particle board or cardboard is ever used. We use the highest quality carpets and sisal rope; and the undersides of all shelves and platforms are carpeted.  A non-slip bottom will prevent movement on tile, linoleum or hardwood floors.

Please note: The addition of a non-slip bottom does not increase the shipping cost of steps.

Size: 18.5 in. x 37 in. x 26 in. tall

B Kent writes:  "Louie" loves them and trots ups and down them several times a day.  I have shown your stairway to many friends and all were impressed how nice they look and what a novel good idea.  I will certainly recommend you to all my friends with pets.

From Pamela and James W:  I wanted to thank you very much for the magnificent cat steps which arrived today!  They are so well made that I have no hesitation about putting them at the foot of my bed for the kitties, as the finishing touches are immaculate. In addition, you have obviously taken the time to design them for animals convenience!

Dave and Mary L say:  The steps arrived yesterday afternoon.  I cannot begin to tell you how happy we are with them.  They are absolutely gorgeous; love the color.  The carpeting is amazing and they are absolutely exactly what I wanted.

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